Tomorrow, Ireland

It’s our last night in Barcelona tonight. 11am tomorrow, we’ll be boarding a flight to Ireland, and Monday morning I’ll be presenting myself at the Sun Microsystems Dublin office to get settled in.

Accordingly, it’s been a week of saying goodbyes to people, which is always a little strange since I’ll be talking to almost all of them regularly still, on IRC or some other form of IM.

I’m leaving behind a (hopefully) good body of work at Fluendo. I’ve got my hand in a bunch of multimedia codecs, almost the entirety of the DVD player stack, every GStreamer module release for the last 2 years, and other things that escape me right now. It would have been nice to push the DVD player all the way through to a final product, but it’s not quite there yet. Someone else will have to finish it off. Whoever that turns out to be, I hope my notes are coherent enough for you 🙂

See you all in Dublin. My plan to become the new Face of Sun is well in hand. Next stop, Irish Accent

Limpley Stroked

We’ve arrived safely in Lower Limpley Stoke safely. We didn’t see any of the trouble on the M5 that we feared, and the Avon river is no more than picturesquely swollen 2 streets from here.

We’re staying in a lovely hotel built out of a giant old house.

I was amused to notice that the railway bridge is mislabelled as belonging to “Limpley Stroke”, hence the title.

At Guadec, I enjoyed the LugRadio beers night, especially the part where several people actively tried to create a new EBay account in the pub for the sole purpose of trying to put Jono’s bag on auction and raise some cash to buy more beer.

I didn’t enjoy the part where 25 euro mysteriously disappeared from within a pile of papers on the desk in our hotel room. Nothing else was taken, including the n800 that was also sitting in the room, thankfully.

Tomorrow we’re exploring Bath, going to see Glastonbury Tor and Abbey, and hopefully getting to glimpse Stonehenge.

I closed another bug today, this one with prejudice. For the record, GStreamer developers do not support running the gst-ffmpeg wrapper against the system installed FFmpeg – you can do it, but if it breaks because FFmpeg changed something (as they do), you get to keep both pieces.

Update: Fixed the bug number.


I’m looking forward to Guadec next week – it should be great fun 🙂

Jaime & I are flying into BHX just after midnight Monday night. We’ll miss the Sunday/Monday warm up sessions, but be there for the core and after-hours activities. See you all there!

In other news, after 2 years in Spain, Jaime & I have decided that it’s time to move on. On September 1st, we’re moving to Dublin.

Along with that, we’re both leaving our jobs at Fluendo. I’m continuing until the end of August when we go. Jaime already finished up yesterday. Once we get to Ireland, I’m taking up a new job at Sun Microsystems where I’ll be working in the Sun Ray group. I’m going to be working on the same floor as the JDS team there, which will be fun.

We’ve had a great time here, with some great friends that we’ll miss a lot, and some wonderful adventures. It’s been a hard decision to leave, and it’ll be painful to leave the close-knit group we’ve formed here, we’ll miss them a lot.


We bought ourselves some bus tickets to Pamplona this morning.

We’ll be heading down late Friday night, partying all day and then coming back to Barcelona at 1am Sunday morning – should be a pretty busy day, yay!


When we moved the server to Tamworth in June, I lost my ability to write blog entries. After nearly 7 months, I’ve finally gotten around to bringing it back online.

It’s been a busy time for us – we moved from Australia to Spain, went back to .au, got married, returned to Spain, rented a new apartment, had quite a few parties and generally had a ball.

I won’t write much more than that to fill you all in – if you’re interested, you can check it all out in Jaime’s diary, which has been kept up to date much better.