Limpley Stroked

We’ve arrived safely in Lower Limpley Stoke safely. We didn’t see any of the trouble on the M5 that we feared, and the Avon river is no more than picturesquely swollen 2 streets from here.

We’re staying in a lovely hotel built out of a giant old house.

I was amused to notice that the railway bridge is mislabelled as belonging to “Limpley Stroke”, hence the title.

At Guadec, I enjoyed the LugRadio beers night, especially the part where several people actively tried to create a new EBay account in the pub for the sole purpose of trying to put Jono’s bag on auction and raise some cash to buy more beer.

I didn’t enjoy the part where 25 euro mysteriously disappeared from within a pile of papers on the desk in our hotel room. Nothing else was taken, including the n800 that was also sitting in the room, thankfully.

Tomorrow we’re exploring Bath, going to see Glastonbury Tor and Abbey, and hopefully getting to glimpse Stonehenge.

I closed another bug today, this one with prejudice. For the record, GStreamer developers do not support running the gst-ffmpeg wrapper against the system installed FFmpeg – you can do it, but if it breaks because FFmpeg changed something (as they do), you get to keep both pieces.

Update: Fixed the bug number.

2 thoughts on “Limpley Stroked”

  1. About the disappearing money — the same thing happened to my 20+ € I left in the hotel room in order to avoid confusion with the pounds in my purse. Maybe they thought it was tip money or something. Oh well.

  2. If they had claimed it was interpreted as a tip, I would have said they were being disingenuous – the money on our desk was tucked away inside other papers and quite clearly not left out for the cleaning staff.

    Besides that, who leaves a 25 euro tip for the kind of cleaning service that hotel was providing??

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