Tomorrow, Ireland

It’s our last night in Barcelona tonight. 11am tomorrow, we’ll be boarding a flight to Ireland, and Monday morning I’ll be presenting myself at the Sun Microsystems Dublin office to get settled in.

Accordingly, it’s been a week of saying goodbyes to people, which is always a little strange since I’ll be talking to almost all of them regularly still, on IRC or some other form of IM.

I’m leaving behind a (hopefully) good body of work at Fluendo. I’ve got my hand in a bunch of multimedia codecs, almost the entirety of the DVD player stack, every GStreamer module release for the last 2 years, and other things that escape me right now. It would have been nice to push the DVD player all the way through to a final product, but it’s not quite there yet. Someone else will have to finish it off. Whoever that turns out to be, I hope my notes are coherent enough for you 🙂

See you all in Dublin. My plan to become the new Face of Sun is well in hand. Next stop, Irish Accent