argh, the pain

I’d love it just one time when I tried editing a I didn’t end up with this sort of thing: error: possibly undefined macro: dnl

The actual problem? In the middle of the file, I had something like:


dnl ** OK, found it ***


Note the extra space between the macro name and the parenthesis. Because of the extra space character, autoconf couldn’t expand the entry correctly and misinterpreted the ‘dnl’ comment and then proceeded to tell me THE FIRST PLACE IT SAW THAT STRING, which happened to be line 1 of the file.

I hate you, autotools.


When we moved the server to Tamworth in June, I lost my ability to write blog entries. After nearly 7 months, I’ve finally gotten around to bringing it back online.

It’s been a busy time for us – we moved from Australia to Spain, went back to .au, got married, returned to Spain, rented a new apartment, had quite a few parties and generally had a ball.

I won’t write much more than that to fill you all in – if you’re interested, you can check it all out in Jaime’s diary, which has been kept up to date much better.