Tomorrow, Ireland

It’s our last night in Barcelona tonight. 11am tomorrow, we’ll be boarding a flight to Ireland, and Monday morning I’ll be presenting myself at the Sun Microsystems Dublin office to get settled in.

Accordingly, it’s been a week of saying goodbyes to people, which is always a little strange since I’ll be talking to almost all of them regularly still, on IRC or some other form of IM.

I’m leaving behind a (hopefully) good body of work at Fluendo. I’ve got my hand in a bunch of multimedia codecs, almost the entirety of the DVD player stack, every GStreamer module release for the last 2 years, and other things that escape me right now. It would have been nice to push the DVD player all the way through to a final product, but it’s not quite there yet. Someone else will have to finish it off. Whoever that turns out to be, I hope my notes are coherent enough for you 🙂

See you all in Dublin. My plan to become the new Face of Sun is well in hand. Next stop, Irish Accent

4 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Ireland”

  1. You’ll soon learn – if you don’t already – there can be quite a variety of Irish accents. Aim for clear understandable English and you’ll go far.

  2. Jan – be sure to look up the Irish Linux Users Group [] though I’m sure your colleagues will mention the Group to you in no short order.

    I hope the move to Ireland works out well for you – and that we’ll meet you at some of the group meetings.

  3. But not too clear and understandable, or they might think you’re English and then you’ll be personally blamed for the potato famine.

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