Christmas Holidays

My last post was months ago, as usual. The day before we moved from Barcelona to Ireland. Since then, we´ve been having fun – we found a house to live in, unpacked our things, made some new friends. I started my job at Sun, which is working out really well, and we bought a bunch of things and explored our new habitat.

Now, after 3 and a bit months in Dublin, we´re off to Sweden and Norway for Christmas and New Year´ś, respectively. We are in Göteburg at the moment, and for the next 2 days, and then catching the train across to Växjö for Christmas with our friends from Australia who moved there in July. Afterward, we head up to Stockholm, and then across to Norway for New Year´s where we willl get to see Uraeus in his natural habitat.

Congratulations to Andy Wingo on his new job – I hope it turns out fun!

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