New York trip, DVD stuff

We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon for 11 days holiday in New York and Washington D.C. While we’re there, I’m hoping to catch up with Luis and Krissa and Thom May. It’s our first trip to either city, so we’re really excited – there’s a lot of fun, unique stuff to do in both places and we’re looking forward to trying to do all of it in our short visit.

On the GStreamer front, I just pushed a bunch of commits I’ve been working on for the past few weeks upstream into Totem, gst-plugins-base and gst-plugins-bad. Between them they fix a few DVD issues like multiangle support and playback in playbin2. The biggest visible feature though is the API that allowed me to (finally!) hook up the DVD menu items in Totem’s UI. Now the various ‘DVD menu’, ‘Title Menu’ etc menu items work, as well as switching angles in multiangle titles, and it provides the nice little ‘cursor switches to a hand when over a clickable button’ behaviour.

I actually had it all ready yesterday, but people told me April 1 was the wrong day to announce any big improvements in totem-gstreamer DVD support 🙂

10 thoughts on “New York trip, DVD stuff”

  1. Thanks for your efforts, Jan. DVD playback is the big Achille’s heel of Gstreamer. Please make it robust and powerful soon. Not that GNOME/Gstreamer lacks in this area in the much anticipated 3.0 release.

  2. And one additional question: Would it be feasible to packport these patches to the soon upcoming Ubuntu 9.04 by the Ubuntu community?

  3. @Ché: Not sure any of this code will ship with OpenSolaris, since it depends on stuff like libdvdnav that’s problematic to ship. I imagine there’ll be add on packages somewhere though (maybe there already are?)

    @amano: It could probably all be backported into Jaunty, yes. The GStreamer bits are pretty easy – just cherry picking the commits. The totem piece might be a little more work, as there’s been other development in the GStreamer backend that you wouldn’t want to pick up, and it might require some manual merging.

  4. Jan, does resindvd element still requires –enable-experimental in GIT master or it is now just enabled by default if dvdnav headers are there? 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for all the work, can’t wait for getting it in mainstream Ubuntu.

  5. This is a great day for all the Totem users – thanks! 🙂 I too hope that this will some how make it’s way to 9.04.

  6. …and by 9.04 I of course mean the next version of Ubuntu (first we started to speak of Ubuntu instead of Linux, now we just say a version number 8.10, 9.04, etc 🙂

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