New GStreamer Plugins and FOSDEM

I just finished uploading the releases of 3 of the big GStreamer modules – the Good, Bad & Ugly plugins modules. These releases are really big, because all 3 haven’t been released since June last year! 8 months of sweet hacking has produced some nice stuff. Among my favourite features of these releases:

  • DVB support – soon to be integrated directly into Totem for TV watching from the comfort of…. whereever you’re comfortably using Totem
  • Vastly improved RTSP and RTP support. Sweet.
  • Video4Linux 2 capture support improved – go Cheese!
  • Wrappers for native QuickTime and DirectShow plugins on OS/X and Windows. Thanks, Songbird and Fluendo!
  • A bunch of plugins hit the quality standard and graduated from the Bad collection to Good and Ugly. Helping to improve the plugins in the Bad collection is a great way to get involved!
  • OpenGL support became sophisticated enough to warrant its own module, and gst-plugins-gl was born.

There are, of course, lots of other changes – check it out

Tomorrow evening, Jaime and I’ll be landing in Belgium for FOSDEM, which is going to be awesome. I’m a big fan of our community gatherings and getting to meet up with y’all. I was sort-of looking forward to giving a talk with some other GStreamer guys on Sunday in the GNOME/CrossDesktop devroom, but confusion over whether I said we would or not means the slot has been filled. We may still end up doing something on Saturday instead, will have to see.

We’re planning on checking out Brussels during the day on Friday, and then meeting up with everyone at the pub on Friday night. If you’re coming too, make sure to say hi!

9 thoughts on “New GStreamer Plugins and FOSDEM”

  1. dude, i have an ubuntu fiesty fawn version and my video player doesn’nt work because it has to update codecs from gstreamer. i cannot connect to the net using my ubuntu(i have a problem loading my broadcom driver) to download the necessary codecs, so i tried to use windows’ internet explorer. I found the plugins, but i could not download the tar files. I turned popup blocking off but still i can’t do the download.Can explorer download linux files of this kind?

  2. Thanks for the great job!

    A couple of questions. First: do you have any idea on when the binary packages for windows of the new plugins will be released?

    Second: Could you post some short code examples on how to create simple dshowsrc and a qtwrappersrc pipelines?

  3. @codeanticode:

    1) I’m not sure about new binaries for win32. Sebastien Moutte builds them, and I’m not sure what his plan is. I don’t own a win32 install, so I can’t do it.

    2) I’m just the release manager – I haven’t actually *used* those new pieces 🙂 I’ll defer to the guys who are using them.

  4. a n00b like questions but : please :

    i need to tell gstreamer how to store the output as an file as .avi,

    when i run this:

    #gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/dev/mem ! videoparse ! xvimagesink

    any advise – I know its with filesink somehow but im at a blind spot..

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