It’s nice to be loved

I can’t remember if I’ve had to make a brown paper bag release, so we’ll call this the first one. On Monday, I released 0.10.16 of the GStreamer Core and Base modules, and earlier today I released 0.10.17 of the same after we started seeing some reports of crashes.

It turns out that 6 months ago (0.10.14) we broke our ABI by deprecating some parts of the GstMixer class structures that we shouldn’t have, because they were in public headers resulting in a couple of base classes (GstMixerTrack and GstMixerOptions) shrinking when compiling with GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED. Noone noticed at the time, because those bits of the class structure weren’t being used by anyone, and noone noticed if sub-classes allocated more space for their class structures than they now technically needed to.

Since then though, all the modules that use that piece of ABI got re-compiled, and now rely on a smaller parent class size, so when we inadvertantly put the structure entries by disabling the GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED define in release builds, the OSS, SunAudio and Pulseaudio mixer sub-classes all started crashing. Which we would have caught in the release candidate tarballs, except that none of us thought about the fact that our pre-release tarballs were still building with GST_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, where the final release was not. Our fix is to bless the ‘new smaller ABI’, since noone has cared in 6 months that it changed, and the newer Base release reflects that. Core got another release too with a small compilation fix for Cygwin, mostly to keep the version numbers in sync.

I say “it’s nice to be loved”, because the broken release was out less than 2 days, and we’re already nearing 60 dupes on the bug 🙂

I know this release is karma punishing me for being so bold as to try and write down GStreamer’s first time-based release schedule. It’s too carefully calculated to show up only in the final release tarball to be anything else.

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  1. Yes, sadly. The ABI break only affects things which sub-class GstMixerTrack and GstMixerOptions though – which so far is only those 3 audio sinks. Two in gst-plugins-good, and one in gst-pulse… and leaving the ABI change in doesn’t actually affect them, whereas reverting it makes them crash. So, we opted to leave the compatible ABI change in place.

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